Melissa Greben Psychology

About therapy with me
In your first therapy sessions I will think with you about what has brought you to therapy and your hopes for the therapy process. We will discuss options for your treatment based on your goals, preferences, and a shared understanding of your difficulties.

Each session, I will invite you to talk about whatever is on your mind. Together we will explore your feelings, thoughts, emotions, wishes, strengths, relationship patterns, and ways that past experiences may be impacting you in the present. Understanding can help with knowing where and how to make changes in your life.

We can include mindfulness, meditation, and movement practices in session to assist with self understanding, regulating emotions, and relaxation. Sometimes we know logically what’s wrong or what we need to do, but it doesn’t change how we feel. A body based approach can help with this. If you’re open to it, I will invite you to notice how your experience is expressed in physical sensations and body postures, for example neck tension or leaning forward. I practice mainly from a somatic (body-based) psychodynamic approach. I also include cognitive behavioural and compassion focused approaches as needed.

My training & background
I’m a registered Clinical Psychologist. I completed a Masters of Clinical Psychology at Queensland University of Technology. I’m doing additional training in Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy, a body and mindfulness based therapy. I previously completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) at QUT and was awarded the Australian Psychological Society’s prize for first place in honours at my university. As you can probably tell, I love learning and before I started in psychology I completed a Science/Arts degree with honours at University of Queensland majoring in Russian, English, and Zoology. I am a committed meditator and attend regular retreats in the Buddhist tradition.