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Therapy for people who feel stressed, anxious & stuck

You may not have thought of yourself as stressed or anxious but you’re starting to suspect that your need to keep busy, chronic worry, indecisiveness, muscle tension, or frustration might be signs of underlying distress.

You work hard, have high standards for yourself, and tend to bottle things up until you find yourself irritated, angry or collapsing with exhaustion. It takes a lot for you to ask for help and you end up feeling lonely and disconnected.

In the past you might have convinced yourself that this is just how life is, but you’ve realised something needs to change.

It may have been a crisis or life change that’s left you unable to cope with things as you normally would. Or even a fleeting experience of relaxation that shows you another way is possible.

Whatever the circumstances that brought you here, therapy can support you to:
Rest & enjoy life more
Know yourself & find your voice
Experience deeper connections with others

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