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Therapy for people who feel stressed, anxious & stuck

The people I work with long to feel free and relaxed to enjoy their life, work and relationships. They have often not realised they were experiencing stress or anxiety for most of their lives. Some have believed or been told this was “just their personality”. They experience symptoms like headaches, muscle tension, chronic worry, irritability, self criticism, and difficulty making decisions.

They have often kept busy or distracted to manage their anxiety and set aside their own feelings and needs to avoid upsetting others. Some take on caring roles and professions. They enjoy helping others until they have no time or energy left for themselves and end up feeling exhausted, resentful and angry. They may try to say no and set boundaries but then feel anxious, confused and guilty.

Interest areas:

  • Stress and generalised anxiety

  • Low self esteem and chronic self-criticism

  • Recurring relationship difficulties

Therapy can help you:

  • Reduce worry and feel more comfortable in your own skin

  • Have space, time and support to get to know yourself better

  • Learn to express your thoughts and feelings clearly

  • Say no and set boundaries without anxiety and guilt

  • Cultivate relationships where you feel understood and accepted as you are

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