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Therapy for people who feel stressed, anxious & stuck

The people I work with have often not realised they were experiencing stress or anxiety for most of their lives. Some have believed this was “just their personality” or thought “this is just how life is”. Many have kept themselves very busy, working hard, and bottling things up until they find themselves irritated, angry or collapsing with exhaustion. They might describe feeling worried, tense, indecisive, and not sure who they are and what they want. It can take a lot for them to ask for help leaving them feeling lonely and disconnected.

If this has been your experience you may be beginning to realise that another way is possible. You have have experienced a crisis or life transition that’s left you unable to keep busy as you usually would. Or you may have had a fleeting experience of relaxation or joy that has given you a taste of something you want more of in your life.

Whatever the circumstances that brought you here therapy can support you to rest and enjoy your life more, get to know yourself better and find your voice, and experience deeper connections with yourself and others.

To book an appointment or to learn more about working with me you can contact me through the form below or by email: melissa@melissagrebenpsychology.com

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